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Upload Resources & Enter to Win!

Did you create an extra efficient Project Approval Process? Have you taken social media by storm with creative EAST program content? Maybe you worked really hard on your lesson plans and want a chance to show them off. Why not get rewarded for sharing those resources with other facilitators?

As we prepare for EAST Seminar, we hope that you will consider sharing some of the tools that keep your EAST program running smoothly. Uploaded materials will remain an open resource for other facilitators, while also earning you tickets toward the prize drawing at the end of EAST Seminar!

To enter, simply upload resources from the list below. Each item has been assigned a ticket value, and the more items you submit, the more tickets you earn. The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning!

Click on Prize Uploads from the MySeminar menu (must be logged in) at the top right corner of the page for submission instructions and start uploading today. The resources received will be reviewed, and the top selections will be added to the facilitator resources located at www.EASTinitiative.org. New EAST facilitators will also view these shared resources at EAST Phase Training.

Submissions may be uploaded until 3 pm CST on Friday, July 16, 2021.

*Additional opportunities will be provided for EAST Seminar Live attendees to earn tickets.

Project Uploads (3 tickets)

Submit a high quality project, including photos and narrative description, to the Project Profile Page and if approved, receive 3 tickets.

Photography Uploads (1 ticket)

Earn 1 ticket for each upload from this section.

  • Brainstorming / Group Discussion Area in Action

  • Favorite (or most useful) storage space for technology, classroom materials, etc.

  • Most successful EAST promotion (screenshot or artwork) in school

  • Photos in meetings with community partners

  • Photo of your EAST Conference 2021 booth display (We want to see all the work you did on that booth - even if we didn’t get to see it in person)

  • Photos of volunteers (parents, alumni, etc. with your program)

  • Project or Planning Board

  • Screenshot of any social media platform - Great examples of social media to promote/celebrate your program / "EASTizing your community" - in community

  • Screenshot utilizing the EAST Seminar hashtag (#EASTseminar21) on any social media platform. Remember to tag EAST! (Ex. I’m excited about sessions at #EASTseminar21)

  • Win Column / Celebration boards

  • Photos of students in action or with community partners from 2020-2021

Document & Form Uploads (1 ticket)

Earn 1 ticket for each upload from this section.

  • Advisory Council Sample Agenda / Outline

  • Application to Join EAST

  • Application or Process for Choosing Conference Team

  • Classroom Jobs List

  • Collaboration Tools / Examples

  • Conference Budget

  • Conference Permission Form

  • Conference Team Schedule

  • EAST Night Out Examples

  • EAST Program Budget Breakdown or Examples (i.e. equipment upgrades, events, etc.)

  • EAST Syllabi

  • Grading Practice / Evaluation Method (i.e. rubric, journal, portfolio, presentation, etc.)

  • Grant Resources

  • Other Conference Items (anything you think other facilitators would like to have)

  • Permission Slips

  • Project Approval Form

  • Project Progress Form

  • Recruitment Tool (i.e. brochure, flyer, recruitment event invitation, etc.)

  • Sample AMI Lesson Plans

  • Sample First Six Weeks Plans

  • Sample Lesson Plans

  • Sample Substitute Lesson Plans

  • Sample Weekly Virtual Lesson Plans