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  What is the COVID Policy?

EAST Seminar Live attendees will be expected to adhere to physical distancing guidelines, and masks will be required for all staff and guests. EAST will also provide sanitizing stations and touchless payment options. To read our full EAST Seminar COVID-19 Statement, click here.

  Will there be any pre-Seminar workshops this year?

At this time, EAST is not offering any optional pre-Seminar educational opportunities, including Tech Camp, Industry Tour, etc. If this changes, EAST will notify facilitators immediately.

  What is the difference between Seminar Live and Seminar On-Demand?

EAST Seminar Live: Facilitators who choose this option are expected to attend Seminar in-person, in its entirety, to earn a minimum of 12 professional development credit hours (including general sessions). Registration fees will also include full access to the Digital Content Library.

EAST Seminar On-Demand: Facilitators who choose this option will only have access to the Digital Content Library that will be uploaded after Seminar. Participants will have until 3:00 PM, CST on Monday, September 6, 2021 to earn a minimum of 12 professional development credit hours (including general sessions). Participants will also receive event apparel after Seminar.

* Please note that participants who select the EAST Seminar On-Demand option will be unable to attend Seminar in real-time. Facilitators should also be aware that not all sessions will be uploaded to the Digital Content Library.

  What if I need to change my registration type?

Facilitators have until 3:00 pm CST on July 9, 2021 to change their registration type (i.e. switch from Seminar Live to Seminar On-Demand). Simply login to the EAST Seminar website and update the registration form in the mySeminar section.

  What types of sessions will be available?

We are designing a variety of interactive sessions - from round tables & brainstorming sessions to Q&As with subject matter experts. Our team is also hard at work developing other creative opportunities for facilitators to earn credit hours by engaging with other EAST facilitators during coffee chats, team building activities, & lunch & learns and participating in hands-on experiences, such as demo slams & maybe even a virtual Playground.

* Because On-Demand participants will be unable to connect with speakers and facilitators in real-time, many of these interactive, hands-on sessions will not be available for viewing in the Digital Content Library.

  When will I have access to register for sessions for EAST Seminar Live?

A sneak peek of the session schedule will be available for participants approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. Some sessions will have limited seating availability and will require pre-registration. Stay tuned!

  How many credit hours are available?

Facilitators are able to create their own schedule, and can obtain up to 18 credit hours (through live, on-demand, and general sessions) plus additional networking opportunities that may also be worth credit hours. Facilitators who host or present a session can receive double credit hours.

  I forgot to sign up before the registration deadline! What do I do?

Don’t panic - there is still time! After 3 pm CST on Friday, June 25, participants will be able to late register for EAST Seminar Live and EAST Seminar On-Demand for $275. EAST will also offer day-of, walk-in registration for $300 during EAST Seminar Live. Late registration fees are in place in order to offset any unanticipated, additional costs (i.e. expedited t-shirt printing and last-minute menu changes).

  Who should I contact if I need special accommodations to attend the event?

EAST welcomes all participants and complies fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Please notify events@EASTstaff.org at least 14 calendar days prior to the event, if participants need accommodations related to audio, visual, or mobility needs. We advise participants with mobility assistance needs to allow plenty of time to get from place to place.

  What is the EAST Seminar dress code?

Casual. The EAST staff will likely wear jeans and EAST apparel. We also encourage facilitators to bring a light jacket, cardigan, pullover, or a small blanket as some of the meeting rooms can be chilly!

  Will I need to fill out an Image Release Form?

By participating in this event or activity, you agree and consent that EAST or its employees or agents may film, tape, and photograph you during and in connection with your appearance at/ involvement with this event or activity, and EAST shall be the exclusive owner of all of the proceeds and results of such filming, taping, and photography and any related derivative works with the right for EAST or its agents or assigns to use in any reasonable manner, throughout the world, in any format or medium now known or later developed, for an unlimited number of times in perpetuity, royalty-free, all or any portion of your name, appearance and image. By participating in this event or activity, you understand that your name, appearance, and image or any derivative works may be available for viewing by the general public, and may appear on EAST’s website, in print, or in other formats and mediums.

  If I attend EAST Seminar Live and have to miss one of the required General Sessions, can I watch it on-demand after Seminar?

Yes! Facilitators that attend EAST Seminar Live will receive credit for any sessions they attend during the live event as well as any sessions they watch later on-demand.

  When will EAST Seminar certificates be available?

Facilitators who attend EAST Seminar Live will have access to their certificates within 2 weeks after the event. Facilitators who participate in EAST Seminar On-Demand will not receive their certificates until 1-2 weeks after the September 6 deadline to earn credit hours. Facilitators who attend EAST Seminar Live and choose to watch additional sessions on-demand will receive 2 separate certificates.